Atarah Girl’s Ministries


Atarah is our newest ministry, Atarah that in hebrew means Crown is a group for girls ages 10 -13 where they learn life skills, crafts and education thoguh many creative ways. We hosted our first camp last August and God blown us away with his favor and the breakthroughs we had with this little girls. They are all in the ages of 10-13 and we currently have 4 staff working with it.


Our main goal is to help this girls become a woman like the one Proverbs 31 talks about in a society where girls need to learn to be tought in order to survive.


Sometimes we will get together to do girl’s stuff , by the result of our last camp we realized that is something some of our girl’s really need. A time were they can just learn the princess they are in Christ.


Our main goal is , to disciple them at an age where you are still trying to build your personality and what a better way to develop your personality than by the hand of the Lord!!


Another goal is to help them achieve education by challenging them with speaches and in the future even tutoring, as you may know in Belize many girls can not access to education for different reasons. We believe Development comes in both ways the Spiritual and the educational.


But in the midst of it we want the girls to achieve allof this having FUN!


Interested in knowing more about this ministry? Contact us! We would love you to be part of what God is doing in the next generation!